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~Discover Together a Perfect Love~

Love is demanding satisfaction.

Love deepens as it is able to reciprocate.

Love must come first~all else to be dismissed.

When love comes to you ,
hasten to make it your own.

Forsake all else...time....riches,

Nothing is as valuable as the wealth
and richness of pure love.

Do not tarry, or wonder or wait,
Love comes only once in this way.

Quickly grasp the moment.

Make it your own, before it diminishes
and is naught alive.

Dare we risk the loss of a love we almost missed?

Perish the thought!


~My Heart~

Love grows from our capacity to give
what is deepest within ourselves

and also receive what is deepest
within another person.

The heart becomes an ocean strong and deep,
launching all on it's tide.

My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep;
the more I give to thee, The more I have...

~William Shakespear~

~~All of You~~

All of you body and soul
Everything we want this love to be. .

All your joys and all your sorrows
Your today and your tomorrows. .

To be with you , to walk through life.
Give me all of you and I give to you all of me..


You are the knight of my night
The shelter of my storm
You are the wind of my breeze
The song of my dawn

You are the forest of my thoughts
The vision of my sighs
You are the sapphire of my day
The love of my eyes

You are the hands of my touch
The smile of my face
You are the need of my desire
The mystery of my lace

You are the laughter of my soul
The brush of my art
You are the mirror of my future
and the thirst of my heart...


~True Love~

True love's the gift which God has given
To man alone beneath the heaven:

It is not fantasy's hot fire,
Whose wishes soon as granted fly;
It liveth not in fierce desire,

With dead desire it doth not die;
It is the secret sympathy,
The silver link, the silken tie,

Which heart to heart and mind to mind
In body and in soul can bind.

~Sir Walter Scott~

~What Do You See~

What do you see, when you look at me,
A reflection of your dreams?
Am I the fire, lit by your desire,
Or the ember that still gleams?

Perhaps the song, forgotten long
That once sang you to sleep?
Or the free, light breeze, no one can seize,
No promises to keep?

Look into my eyes, do you hear the sighs,
Of a lover once you met?
Or the gentle touch, that you miss so much
And you never will forget?

Yes, look again, my searching friend
For never will you tire.
I will always be, what you want to see,
Or whatever you require.

But look closer still, release your will
And inside there you will find,
A gem unique, who knows how to speak
Of heart and soul and mind.

Yes I can blend, to your wishes bend,
But be careful not to lose,
The chance to see, the one I call me,
It is up to you to choose.

For I am Only a Shadow,
But who's Shadow


~I Wish You Love~

I wish you bluebirds in the spring
To give your heart a song to sing,

And then a kiss, but more than this,
I wish you love.

I wish you health, and more than wealth,
I wish you love.

I wish you shelter from the storm,
A cozy fire to keep you warm;

But most of all, when snowflakes fall,
I wish you love...

Love Is Space And Time Measured By The Heart
~Marcel Proust~



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