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~The Wonders Of Children~

Reading stories to your children or
grandchildren is truly a special way
to form a relationship with them. You
are building memories they will carry
with them always.. Memories of sitting
on your lap and being taken to the land
of make-believe.. A magical wonderland..

I can still after many years, picture myself
sitting on my mother's or grandmother's
lap and their reading to me.. I still can
feel the warmth of their arms around me..
and hear their voices even though it has
been years since I have heard them..

This is why I have decided to make these
story pages.. They grow up so quickly and
soon these opportunities will be lost..

So when you are sitting there at your computer
or webtv..and the little ones come up to you..
pick them up and hold them while you read them
a story..I just know you will be glad you did..

I hope you and your children will enjoy
the stories I have selected.
I have included a few links at the bottom of
page 4 of stories and fairy tales pages.
Click at the bottom of this page for my story pages.



ALL the bells of heaven may ring,
All the birds of heaven may sing,
All the wells on earth may spring,
All the winds on earth may bring
All sweet sounds together---

Sweeter far than all things heard,
Hand of harper, tone of bird,
Sound of woods at sundawn stirred,
Welling water's winsome word,
Wind in warm wan weather,

  One thing yet there is, that none
Hearing ere its chime be done
Knows not well the sweetest one
Heard of man beneath the sun,
Hoped in heaven hereafter;
Soft and strong and loud and light,
Very sound of very light
Heard from morning's rosiest height,
When the soul of all delight
Fills a child's clear laughter.

Golden bells of welcome rolled
Never forth such notes, nor told
Hours so blithe in tones so bold,
As the radiant mouth of gold
Here that rings forth heaven.
If the golden-crested wren
Were a nightingale---why, then,
Something seen and heard of men
Might be half as sweet as when
Laughs a child of seven.

~By Algernon Charles Swinburne~

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