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On this day of sacred days, in this place
of sacred places, you will become my
dearest friend, my love.

My partner on a life journey so rich and
swift and memorable, that the end of it
will seem but a moment from now.

You and I are bound to give to one another
the sacred love of generations who stayed
in the place of creation, forgetting the
outside world in order to build from within.

Our marriage is a shrine to holy love,
where the Creator placed everything of
value for us to discover, the way our
parents discovered their own world,
and passed it on as witness to their loving time.

~By Nancy Wood~

"Marriage Ritual" 

When the earth was first made, all things
were present, but people saw only their
isolation from one another and from the
mountains and rivers that had created them.

For a long time, each creature followed a
separate path, until the first man looked
at the first woman and envisioned a unity
not yet seen before.

From their love, happiness was created
and a thread soon connected man to woman,
stars to trees, and the tongue of the ocean
to the thrust of rock.

Some called it nature, others called it
the plan of the universe. But between men
and women arose a bond of love, unbroken
to the present day. 

~By Nancy Wood~

"The Ceremony"

The ceremony is about to begin, please
come in and join us...

The groom enters one end of the council
house and the bride the other. 

The couple then meet in the center
by the sacred fire.

The priest faces east as does the door
of the council house.. 

The grooms mother stands by him and
the brides beside her .

She holds the brides gifts of corn bread
and a blanket..

The brides mother stands beside her and
her brother beside their mother 
symbolizing his responsibility to his
sister and her children. 

The bride and groom wear blue blankets
representing their old ways and life . 

The priest blesses the fire and the
union of the two .

He asks for a long and happy life for them . 

It is custom for the bride to give the
groom a red and black belt she has made , 
but any gift of the heart will do .. 

The mothers give gifts to their children
who exchange gifts with each other . 
They join together their blankets symbolizing
their mutual support within the marriage . 

They each drink a corn drink from a
double sided wedding vase . 
They drink from east to west then from
north to south giving their blessings and 
respect to the earth and all her creatures .

The vase is thrown down upon the earth
and broken to seal their wedding vows 
as now being united as one . 

The broken fragments are then returned
to our mother ( the earth). 
A white blanket is placed around the shoulders of the couple symbolizing their union. 

The bride then holds the basket of bread,
the groom the basket of meat and the
entire wedding or just the wedding party
(depending on size ) takes a piece of
bread and meat as a sign of their approval . 

Following this...a feast is held for
the entire gathering...........

~Written by Ms Dorothy Sullivan~

~Painting By Maija~

"Wedding Song"

Sing to me, my husband, of days long gone.
Of nights beneath a melon moon with
Firelight flickering gently and
Love's reflections on the tipi wall.

And I will sing to you Dreamwalker,
Of sun-filled mornings, the call of the doves,
My heart awakening within the protection
of your strong arms, greeting the day.

And together we will remember the songs
Of those who rode the wind before us,
As they made their way, gathering the goodness
Of the Earth and returning their love to the land.
For we are all that has ever been and
All that will ever be...

Reflections of the quest for life or
The spirit within the breeze.
And to that end, our lives are blessed
For we will always be...a part of the Force
That forever exists...within infinity..

~By Jamie Sams~

"Indian Wedding Prayer"

Now you will feel no rain
for each of you will be shelter for the other

Now you will feel no cold
for each of you will be warmth for the other

Now there is no loneliness

Now you are two persons
but there is only one life before you

Go now to your dwelling to enter into the
days of your life together and may your
days be good and long upon the earth

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