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My Dear Friends..

Back in the 1830's, Native Americans were
forced from their homes in Georgia, Tennessee
and the Carolina's and were forced to walk to
points west. Thousands of Indian people died
in this "relocation" effort. Indian people
call it the "Trail Of Tears". It was a very
sad time in American history, often untold.

The vast territories of the West and Southwest
today are made up of huge Indian Reservations
where most of the Indian people live in
unmentionable conditions, no better than a
third world country. Hundreds of families
exist 10 to 12 miles off main roads in small
towns with homes built from discarded scraps
of wood or log and mud hogans.

With families of six or more living in an
area of 10'x10'. With leaky roofs and damp
floors. No electricity or plumbing at all.
Many of these people live as far away as
50 miles from a well or fresh water.

For over a hundred years, American Indian
people have barely survived on remote
Reservations by weaving rugs, blankets and
making pottery and jewlery. Their poverty
and hopelessness is absolutely unbelievable.
There are few, if any, other Americans as
bad off as these people. Most families have
to live on less than $7000.00 a year.

With a lack of retail trade on most of the
reservations, this means they have to travel
sometimes as much as 50 to 100 miles to
purchase food.. This problem is compounded
by the fact many don't have cars.

Many Indian relief agencies have been organized
to try and help where needed. Whether it be
food, health care clinics, delivery of water
to remote areas by truck or repairs and
winterizing homes for the elderly..

All of these different agencies are in need of
donations to carry on their much needed help.
Below are three that I have tried to help
with donations as much as I could. If you
would like to send a donation to any or all
of them I know it would be greatly appricated..

Thank you and God Bless you all.

Love, Norma aka Jnor

Council of Indian Nations
P.O. Box 1800
Apache Junction, AZ. 85217-9981
Make checks payable to: CIN

Southwest Indian Children's Fund
P.O.Box 9066
Broken Arrow, OK. 74013
Make checks payable to:
Southwest Indian Children's Fund

American Indian Relief Council
P.O. Box 6200
Rapid City, SD. 57709
Make checks payable to: A.I.R.C.

Remember your donations are tax deductible.