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Hi there.. come on in..
I'm so glad you could stop by..

If you've got a few minutes to spare I'd like
to show you "A Few Of My Favorite Things".

Before we get started.. wouldn't you like
something to drink, and maybe some munchies,
ok now, make yourself comfy..

Go ahead.. take off your shoes..
I've got mine off..
I never wear shoes in the house.. LOL

I hope you will enjoy seeing some of my
favorites things I have here to show you..
I will be adding more as time permits..

I'd like to invite you to come back anytime
to see the updates and any new additions..
I hope they will be some of your favorite things too..

March 1999

If you like my site I would appreciate your vote.
~Thank You~


~Jnor's Wonderful World Of Carousels~

I have four pages of five very special
carousels from different parts the United States..
{ The first one is from my hometown in NY }
Be sure to look for the pictures that are clickable for more carousel music..

~A Gift Of Poetry~

A gift of poetry.. Is a gift of love..

As a romantic.. I of course love poetry..
I have three pages of some of my favorites..
Share these with the one you love, and read them to one another..
I promise, you'll only fall deeper in love..

"Words are like music played on the heartstrings of life"

~B. Ward~

~Phenomenal Women~

This page reflects on the lives of just three of my favorite ones..
Maya Angelou, Eleanor Roosevelt and Lillian Gilbreth..
It was very difficult to choose only three..
There are so many phenomenal women, past and present..
But Then..All Women Are Phenomenal..Aren't We!!


I believe that somewhere in the world
is someone that is meant for you alone..

When these two hearts find one another
their hearts become so close,
they sometimes seem to beat as one..

They have found their soulmate..

Here you will find a poem of newly found
soulmates, and the lyrics of four love
songs I feel reflect the feelings of the
love of a soulmate..

~For The One I Love~

May 1999

This is a page I made for my niece and her husband..
They are celebrating their first anniversary..
I wanted to share this with everyone in love..
Because I believe this reflects what is in
the hearts of all lovers..
Young or old.. Love is ageless..

~God's Most Precious Gift..Babies~

June 1999

Babies are indeed God's most precious gift..
A gift of life.. A miracle from God..

A gift of Love like no other..that God has
blessed..for a man and woman to give to one another..
A helpless, sweet bundle of joy, all of
your own to love for a lifetime..

To see the world through the eyes of a child
as they are growing up is a wonderous,
joyful experience..

If you have been blessed with this wonderous
gift of love..cherish this gift like no
other..for there is no other to compare..

~A Few Of My Favorite Recipes~

**New Recipe Book**
June 2001

I have many pages of recipes to share with
you now, including three of Native American ones, and one of some specialities of
a few B & B's around the country..


Several pages of Holiday recipes to help you
plan your Holiday Menus.. There is even a
recipe for Doggie Treats..
Perhaps you'll find a new family favorite..

"Auntie J's Recipe Book"
These are my newest recipes.. Enjoy!!!

I am adding more new recipes regularly now.
When you have a chance, drop by again and
see what's cookin...
I hope you'll find a new favorite among them.

Please remember those less fortunate...
Donate Free Food Here
Thank You For Caring...

~My Native American Heritage~
May 2000

Even though I have a mixture of cultures in my
heritage, mostly German, some Irish and English.
I am very proud of my Cherokee heritage
and would like to share some interesting
facts and stories I have discovered in my
research for this section of my homepage.

I have added a few links at the bottom of the
5th page I think you may find interesting.

I hope you will enjoy this section..

New Page
My newest page is about the new Golden Sacagawea Dollar Coin, and a little history of Sacagawea herself.

~The World Of Dolphins~

August 1999

The television show "Flipper" was really what
opened up the world of dolphins to me.

I was so amazed at their intellegence..and how
they seem to enjoy interacting with humans.

I have included a few Dolphin links I found
interesting and thought you might also.

I hope you will enjoy this brief journey
into the World Of Dolphins..

~Children's Story Pages~

August 1999

I think one of my very favorite memories of my
childhood is my mother and grandma reading
to me. All warm and cozy on their laps.
Or their sitting on my bed reading me to sleep.
These special memories will always be with me.

I hope you and your children or grandchildren
will enjoy the stories. Perhaps they will bring
back special memories of your own childhood.

I have also included a few links of stories
and fairy tale pages at the bottom of the
5th page after "The Story Of Thumbelina".

Some of your older children that can read
may also like to check out these links for
themselves and maybe read to you.

Remembering All Abused Children
Throughout the World
Who Need Our Prayers Daily

~Some Favorite Songs~

September 1999

This page has four music boxes on it with
some of my favorite songs on them..
I love music..All types.. Well Almost all..
I'm not too fond of music that is too loud,
and I like to understand the lyrics..

You will find songs from the 40's to the 90's..
I hope you will enjoy listening to them and
perhaps some will bring back happy memories..

*New Page*
December 1999

"Christmas Music Box"

March 2000

"Misc. Holiday Music "
Music for St. Patrick's Day, Easter,
July 4th & Halloween..

~A Few Favorite Sites~

November 1999

I have included this small Key Saver I
made for the sites I use most often and
wanted to have them handy to use..
Perhaps you will find it useful also..

Just a little shortcut to help make our lives
a little easier and less time consuming..

~A Dreamer's Dream~

January 2000

A poem of sweet dreams for all dreamers..
I sincerely wish that everyone will only
have sweet dreams in their lives..

I have recently added two more pages to this one... "One Of Life's Best Lessons"...
"If I Could"
I Hope you will enjoy reading these also.

~A Tribute To The United States~

March, 2000

This page is an editorial from a Canadian
newspaper, dated December 1999..

A Canadian broadcaster gave this tribute
on his program and it was featured in this newspaper..

How wonderful that someone from another
country would defend the USA in this manner.
I only wish more citizens of other countries
could feel and think as this man does..

I felt it deserved to be made into a page so
everyone has an opportunity to read it.

A big Thank You to Mr. Sinclair..

~Growing Older-Growing Up~

July, 2000

This page is a story about the wisdom of
growing older by a wonderful lady named Rose,
as told by a former classmate of her's.

There is some great advise for every one
no matter what your age is..
I hope you will enjoy reading this
as much as I did..

* *America* *
~Land Of The Free And The Brave~

September, 2001

September 11, 2001..
A date we shall never forget!

Thousands of our family and friends were taken
from us in an instant.. How could something so
terrible happen right here in our homeland..

Our lives will never be the same.. I just
couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing..
I saw it but it wasn't real.. it just couldn't
be real.. but it was!

Well they have broken our hearts, but they can
never break our spirits!! May God Bless Us All,
and guide us in whatever we need to do to make
sure this can never happen anywhere again..


~Valentine's Day~

Febuary 2000

Love comes when we take the time to
understand and care for another person..

~Janette Oke~

Here are two pages with poems of love to share
with that special someone on Valentine's Day..

The second page was my 1999 Valentine page.

~Happy St. Patrick's Day~

March 2004

The first page is my newest addition.
It's recipes for a St. Patrick's Day Buffet
and some great old Irish music for a sing-a-long.
There's also a link at the bottom for an American
source for Irish meats to use in your recipes.
Hope you will enjoy my new page.

The second page is the history of the Claddagh.
The Irish symbol of Love, Friendship and Loyalty.
The next page has some favorite recipes here
for a special St. Patrick's Day Dinner..

~Happy Easter~

March 2002

There are four pages here.. The first one
tells the "Legend of the Dogwood"

The next two are the story of our Lord Jesus Christ..
The last was made especially for the children..
A cute story.. "Twas The Day Before Easter"

"Newest Page"
This is a recipe for cookies to make with your
children the night before Easter to explain
the real reason we celebrate Easter.
"The Easter Story Cookies"

~Happy Halloween~

October 1999

It's that time of year again..
When we will be answering the door bell to
Ghosts and Witches and assorted Ghouls chanting..

Here you will find a variety of Treats..
To serve your little visitors at the door
Or your Ghoulish Guests at a Halloween Party.

Wishing You A Frightfully Good Halloween..

~Happy Thanksgiving~

November 1999

That special time when we all gather together
with our friends and family to give thanks to
our Heavenly Father for the many blessings
He has bestowed upon us throughout the year..

Here you'll find three Thanksgiving pages.
The first one is about the First Thanksgiving,
the next is a humorous Thanksgiving poem,
the last my Thanksgiving Wishes for you all..

~Merry Christmas~

December 2000

Christmas.. My most favorite time of all..

That special time when our hearts are filled
with love and the spirit of giving..

Giving of our love, our time, ourselves..

A time to rejoice.. A time of remberance..
To remember the blessings God has bestowed
upon our lives and to share those blessings
with others who are less fortunate..
Whether it be monatarily.. or spirtually..

Here you will find a "Christmas Story" that
shows of the spirit of Christmas.. and a
verse about your "Christmas Tree"..

I hope you will enjoy both of them..
Wishing you all Season's Blessings and may
the spirit of Christmas be with you always..

New Pages..

"The Story Of The Candy Cane"
"The Legend Of The Poinsettia"
"The History Of The Poinsettia"

*Newest Pages*

"Christmas Legend Ornaments"

"Christmas Spirit"

~Awards I Have Received~

~Starting in 1999~

I am very pleased and honored to make this
page of awards..I made this home page to share
with my friends, hoping they would enjoy
learning about a few things I'm interested in.
Thus getting to know me a little better..
Hoping that we would have some of the same
interests that we could share together.

These awards are very meaningful to me..
And I would like to share them with everyone
that visits my home page.. So if you have a
few minutes to spare.. Please visit my awards
page and while you are there look at their
wonderful pages also.. They would love to
have you visit them too.

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