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~Gift of The Heart~

The gift I give to you, is my Hands.

So they may caress you like the warm winds.
So they may touch you in warmth, like the sun,
and pick up the pieces your heart has left behind.
They will pull you closer to me,
closer to my Heart, closer to my Spirt.

The gift I give to you, is my Eyes.

So that you can always See the truth.
So that you always See the beauty,
So that each day when you arise,
you can see all the love the Creator has sent to you.
You can See that each day is worth living.

The gift I give to you, is my Arms,

They are a pillar of Strength and an endless source of comfort.
They will hold you ever so gently, in your time of need.
They will wrap around you like a blanket of warm Love.
They will always reach out for you, when you need them the most.
They will keep you safe and warm, from the cold world outside.

The gift I give to you, is my ears...

So you may always hear the song of Life.
You will always know the words in my Heart.
And, when you lay your head upon my chest, my
beating heart will be heard as well as felt..
When I whisper to you in my softest of words,
only you will hear their magic.

The gift I give to you, is the gift of my Heart

It is the key to my very Soul.
It can be very fragile, be careful not to break it.
Yet.. It is a pillar of strength.
Like the mountains that are made of stone.
It sings like the Eagle in a chase,
Its size can only be compared to that of the sky.
It never sleeps.. Always beating like the drum.
Always making room for another heart, to join in its song of life...

The Gift I give to you, Is the Gift of myself..

The Gift of a heart,

The Gift of an endless Spirit.

The Gift of another life.



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