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"The Bottlenose Dolphin"

Bottlenose dolphins inhabit temperate and tropical
waters throughout the world.

In the Pacific Ocean, bottlenose dolphins are
found from northern Japan and California to
Australia and Chile.

They are also found offshore in the eastern tropical
Pacific as far west as the Hawaiian islands.

Off the California coast bottlenose dolphins have
been observed as far north as Monterey,
particularly during years of unusual warmth.

In the Atlantic Ocean, bottlenose dolphins are
found from Nova Scotia and Norway to Patagonia
and the tip of South Africa.

They are the most abundant dolphin species along the
United States from Cape Cod through the Gulf of Mexico.

In the northwest Atlantic, there seem to be at
least two forms of the bottlenose dolphin.
They can be differentiated by skull and body
measurements as well as by characteristics
of their blood.

In general, the coastal type seems to be adapted
for warm, shallow waters. Its smaller body and
larger flippers suggest increased maneuferability
and heat dissipation.
These dolphins frequent harbors, bays, lagoons.

In general, the offshore type seems to be adapted
for cooler, deeper waters. Certain characteristics
of their blood indicate that this form may be better
suited for deep diving. Its larger body helps to
conserve heat and defend itself against predators.

The worldwide population of bottlenose dolphins
is unknown. Specific bottlenose dolphin populations
in a few areas have been estimated.

In the United States Gulf of Mexico, their numbers
are estimated to be at least 67,000.

The populations found in the western North Pacific
and along Japanese coasts are estimated at about 35,000.

In U.S. waters of the western North Atlantic, the
bottlenose population is estimated at about 11,700.

The Mediterranean population is estimated at less than 10,000.

Bottlenose dolphins are not endangered.

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